Down3r and LadyDice hit the road announcing more dates for the "Tha Suga Boom Boom Tour"!!!
21 Sep 2016

Down3r and LadyDice have been killing it during their current tour, ‘Tha Suga Boom Boom Tour’. Their intoxicating blend of dope beats, lyrics and an anti-establishment vibe have been raking the fans in. The pair has also been hard at work producing their own individual albums.

Down3r recently released his latest self-titled album “Down3r” to Spotify, while LadyDice released the sick new album “BEAST”. Their last concert at the Domino Room in Bend, Oregon was massive with over 200 avid screaming fans. The next at The Falls Venue in Idaho Falls is set to be even bigger. Labelled, ‘The Suga Boom Boom Halloween Bash’, it is certain to be huge. Fans will be getting freaky in their Halloween costumes whilst enjoying their favorite Down3r and LadyDice tracks.

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“Cruisin Thru The Dale” (James Williams) featuring Ghost by Down3r

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