Fat Opie Gig at The Make Out Room
14 Mar 2012

Fat Opie are set to perform at The Make Out Room on March, 31st. Fat Opie is an American Folk-Rock band with a Post-Punk edge. Interestingly, with a set of tunes that is more overtly rock even though they make use of banjos and mandolin.

Their first four CDs gained them national airplay and press. Some of the biggest successes include the song Bullets in My Briefcase which won a national band search sponsored by 7-UP/SONICNET(MTV) and included a prize of $15,000. The song Mouth Like a Trucker was featured in the motion picture ALONG THE WAY. 

Supporting acts include The Welcome Matt and Tom Rhodes, which are some of the finest singer/songwritingers to arrive on the scene in recent years. The event will also be filmed by photographer/film-maker, Matthew Washburn – so be prepared for your five minutes of fame! 

The Make Out Room is known for it's ever-growing live music nights over the weekend. With cheap drinks (happy hour between 6pm-10on – $3 mirco pints, $2 Pabst pints, $3 wells – incase you were wondering), great food and regular laidback crowd, it's easy to see why.

When: Saturday 31st March

Where: The Make Out Room
 3225 22nd St., 
                San Francisco, CA 94110
Open: 7:30pm
Cost: $8

Check out what critics have had to say about Fat Opie:

"This album entwines precision percussion, searing guitar, playful mandolin and banjo, meaty bass and soothsayer lyrics into a story of life. Could be anyone's life. Probably is yours. Fat Opie followed up with an even more masterful endeavor" – Album review, “Airstream”

Fat Opie is a punchy testament to good songwriting, solid and varied sonic textures and the importance of a record standing as a whole body of work.” – San Francisco Soundcheck

Tight, catchy and tangy with twangy

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