Funky P to open for Lionel Richie at the Rockhal!
29 Oct 2012

The Luxembourg based band Funky P recently had the honour to perform at the Royal Wedding Celebration and now they have the privilege to perform as the opening act for Lionel Richie at the Rockhal on 7 November 2012.

Funky P is the man with the soul and funk that echoes the masters from the 60's. When you listen to Funky P Society you feel and hear something a little bit different.

Fusing elements of live club music with inspired song-writing and outstanding production, incorporating the best traditions of soul and R&B, jazz and hip-hop.

Understanding the importance of good old-fashioned song writing, Lionel Richie surely is a big influence for them. Hence we are looking forward to see them warming up the audience for the one and only Lionel Richie at the Rockhal. Get the funk…all night long!!

You can purchase tickets for this show at, be sure to check out the Official Website for Funky P for more information.

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