Henry Turner Jr & Flavor at the Ultimate Louisiana Party.
18 Oct 2012

Henry Turner Jr & Flavor have just announced an upcoming performance as part of the Ultimate Louisiana Party. 

The band's unique style and presence on stage has given them a special following in their native Louisiana and now the world.

The gig will be held on October 20th in the Town Square, 3rd Street and North Blvd in Downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Henry Turner Jr & Flavor are co-headling with Carlton Pride and Mighty Zion, alongside five other acts including;

  • 12:30pm – Gospel

  • 1:30pm – Dixie Rose

  • 2:00pm – Christien Bold (café au’lait)

  • 2:45pm – Mcee Nero The Entertainer

  • 3:00pm – Billy and Anita Averett  (Traditional/Country Rock)

  • 4:00pm – Henry Turner Jr.& Flavor (Louisiana Reggae Soul)

  • 5:30pm – Carlton Pride and Mighty Zion (World)

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