Henry Turner Jr Is Throwing A Party And You’re Invited!
10 Oct 2011

Henry turner Jr and Flavor are playing the ‘Louisiana Reggae, Soul, Funk Party’!

The party will be on December 3rd at the Elephant Room in Lafayette Louisiana. Any hand drummers or horn players are welcome to come along for a jam! There will also be an Ugly Man Contest where the winner receives a $100 bar tab so bring along that friend of yours who has a face like a dropped pie!

What happens when you mix different people with several different styles of music and a deep love to create something unique? You get the band Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor. A band whose unique style and presence on stage has given them a special following in their native Louisiana and now the world.

For more information or directions to the Elephant Room go HERE! 

For more information on Hanry Turner Jr go HERE!

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