I Am Duckeye Announce more shows - Get Jiggy with them in Melbourne!!
14 Feb 2013

Wretched foursome ‘I Am Duckeye’ has announced several new shows after the successful ‘pre’ and ‘post’ soundwave tour. The band announced, “Unfortunately, we're not playing Soundwave, due to promoters declaring we're ‘too sexy’ and ‘too talented’ and have ‘grotesquely giant genitals’”. Of course, they planned their sideshows anyway… And received much love from groupies in Sydney’s Square Hotel and Katoomba.

If you were lucky enough to have missed their foul and provocative NSW shows (but for some odd reason dare to) never fear, I Am Duckeye will not stop until every gig pig goes home, “with a head full of musical ear worms to annoy the crap out of you the next day!”

So put on your finest costume and check out I Am Duckeye while they reap some havoc in Victoria! They’ll be playing on the following dates:

  • Friday 22nd Feb at Ha’ Penny Bridge Hotel, Frankston
  • Thursday 28th Feb at Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy
  • Sunday 24th March at The Empress Hotel, Fitzroy North (acoustic gig)

Join the sexy party on their official Facebook page. Head to events and sign up!


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