I am Duckeye have more shows coming up ...BOOK EARLY or ya all will miss out !
15 Jan 2014

I am Duckeye have more shows coming up. You can check out the craziest band in rock today at the following venues. More dates to be announced.

  1. The Tote Hotel – Collingwood, VIC, Australia Sat Jan 18th at 08:00 PM        
  2. The Basement Canberra Australia – Fri Feb 14 at  07:00 PM

"I don't get this band, it confused me."

 Adam Belcher-Graham, Duckeye's Facebook page"

 I am late to the Duckeye game but just bought Husband and you guys are the TITS!"

Shane Berends, Duckeye's Facebook Page

 "I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to have my ears lovingly caressed by wave after rolling wave of immensely superb riffage, whilst at the same time have my body heaving over from disgust and repulsion. This may have happened to you several times at several seedy bars, but now you have the pleasure of reliving it all in one record. If you’ve ever wanted to experience this, then like me, you have far too many problems for one therapist to deal with. You’ll also want to get a copy of I am Duckeye‘s debut record “Husband” as fast as you can."

Rob Ryles, Rock Revolt Magazine

For all the latest on the band GOOGLE " I am Duckeye" or check out the bands Facebook or Reverbnation site:

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