I am Duckeye rock out at Brunswick Hotel!
29 Oct 2014

Australian punk metal trainwreck and Sydonia expats are excited to announce that they will be performing at Melbourne’s The Brunswick Hotel on Friday November 28, 2014!! I Am Duckeye is an Australian train wreck rock metal band that can be described as spontaneous and wild, all in the good sense. The band is made up of Sam Haycroft (Vocals, Guitar), Matt Haycroft (Guitar), Julian Medor (Bass), Sean Bailey (Drums). The band has been creating music in the industry since 2008 and creates comedic performances, making them so unique.

Rod Whitfield of Beat Magazine describes I Am Duckeye stating; “Featuring two members of one of Melbourne’s best known alternative/heavy acts Sydonia, I Am Duckeye are a ‘side project’ that have absolutely no worries about being compared to the main band. They are quite the opposite in many ways. While Sydonia destroy all in their path with their intense, metal tinged alternative heavy rock, I Am Duckeye make you roll on the floor, pissing yourself with laughter. They are as much a comedy act as a rock’n’roll band, and their lyrics, antics and onstage banter put a constant smile on your face. At the same time, however, their brand of good-natured thrashy/punky rock is tight, powerful and a whole lot of fun. Definitely a band to check out for a rollicking good time.”

For more information on I Am Duckeye, music news, downloads, gig updates and to watch their “Duckisodes” on YouTube. Check out the links!

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