Jac and Co give English fans a royal hello!
12 Nov 2014

Renowned French accordionist Jacques Pellarin has been performing to fans all over England this winter and has announced his latest batch of new shows! The glorious accordionist has already delighted fans this year with the news of the release of his latest digital album "Accordion rushes" and he’s doing it all over again! Pellarin has already been inudated with praise from his Brittish fans and has announced that he will continue the tour on Bruton, Tiverton, Bristol and Cambridge! Jac and Co’s Café concerts have been gaining traction with fans from all over Europe and has left fans praising it as a must see!

 Jacques Pellarin has built a reputation for creating a unique sonic world based around the possibilities of French accordion music. Evoking a nostalgic sense of whimsy synonymous with the accordion and made iconic by the music of French cinema. Jacques Pellarin is a french music producer and composer specialising in Accordion music. Pellarin prides himself on his ability to use an instrument with traditional connotations and sound to create a uniquely modern musical atmosphere. Pellarin is a superbly lyrical player and his music writing emphasizes catchy hooks, danceable rhythms and light, upbeat, melodies. Stay tuned for more photos and news, but in the mean time folloe the link for more information on these unmissable upcoming gigs!!!

For more information on Jacques Pellarin’s latest music news, releases and to stream or download his latest album just follow the links!

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