Jessy Tomsko just announced a spattering of new live shows!
11 Jul 2014

Throughout the rest of July and August, Jessy Tomsko is hanging around the New York area for some cheery and quirky performances!

Off the back of her recent Big Hearts EP release, Tomsko has been getting around town and playing her sweet new tunes for her fans. This is the EP that was funded by her fans, so she’s ecstatic to show you what she’s done with your kind donations.

“My great passion in this life is the creation of something out of nothing; specifically the creation of music.” – Jessy Tomsko

Tomsko’s unique and confessional music is innovative and daring, emotional and lyrical. She creates music that is from the heart and resonates with her audience. The lightness and warmth that is embedded within her music comes to life in her live performances. She’s known for her dynamic stage personality and easy-going attitude. So this month is sure to be host to a wonderful set of performances, head down to your closest venue and check it out for yourself!

“I'm a person who wants to play you a song that will get under your skin, become stuck in your head, and eventually travel through your veins and make a little home in your heart.” – Jessy Tomsko


July 10th
R’A’R Bar
Astoria, NY 

July 13th
Quinn’s Bar and Grill
New York, NY 

July 26th
Life is Beautiful Gallery
Hoboken, NJ 

August 8th
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
New York, NY

August 9th
Gettysburg Rocks Festival
Gettysburg, PA

August 29th
Union Hall
Brooklyn, NY

Head here for tickets: Jessy Tomsko Tour Dates

For more, check out her website

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