Kara Mack at Spring World Music Series
14 Mar 2012

Kara Mack will be performing her amazing live set at the Spring World Music Series on the week dedicated to Africa; March 30th, 2012. Kara Mack is a Soul/World music artist that unites the sounds of the African Diaspora through her music. During her live shows, the audience takes a trip from America, to the Caribbeans, to West Africa. If you haven't seen Kara Mack perform live, then you need to get the opportunity to get up close and personal by coming to the event. Always cooking up something new, let's see what she has up her sleeves next!

The MOMAI is a non-profit center for music, art, culture and 
community on the west side of Los Angeles. Besides the Spring World Mysic Series, the museum will feature a variety of other fascinating and enriching exhibits and events throughout the year, including concert series, workshops, theater and film as well as providing a stage for innovative live performance.  

When:  March 30th
Where: Museum of Music and Instruments (MOMAI)
Address: 711 Hampton, Venice, CA 90291

For more information on Kara Mack, visit:

For more information on MOMAI, visit:

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