MacShawn100 is in the house and cooking up the plays on Spotify !!!
05 Sep 2016

MacShawn100 knows very well the power of the MAC and he is lighting up Spotify and YouTube now with his new releases. Gathering over 2000 new fans for August alone and having over 200,000 plays on YouTube for the past 6 months his fans are discovering the new music that he has been cooking in the vaults of the MacShawn100 studios and keeping it all 100 !


Check out MacShawns catalogue and all the new releases now on SPOTIFY just click here:

The Hip Hop Central TV team have been very busy and MacShawn has been featured on 5 of the latest new compilations. You can check these all out on Spotify below.

Hip Hop Central TV Compilations:

Hip Hop Central TV is an Australian produced show that features all the best new and emerging artists from around the world and some of the biggest names in Hip Hop today in a 1.5 hour weekly show. The show is being syndicated by the DJ Central TV syndication teams. You can check out the shows official website below. MacShawn100 videos will be featured in the new DJ Central TV and Hip Hop Central TV seasons 4 and 5 and these episodes will be heading out to Korea and China. Check out the DJ Central news feed for this ground breaking news on the shows being taken to the TenCent network in China, one of the biggest TV networks in the world reaching over 1 BN people every month. Now that’s an audience !!!


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