Michael plays at every Lunar Eclipse
02 Jun 2010

Michael plays at every Lunar Eclipse. You can check out Michael playing his latest symphony naked in the middle of the Tasmanian rain forest with his band of vestal virgins as support. Bookings are essential and nudists are more than welcome. remember to bring warm blankets or if you like you make wish to do what Michael does and serenade several of the supporting co stars and that generally works wonders. For all bookings please contact HR Puffin Stuff, coz you can't do a thing if you can't call Puff. For group bookings please call Skuttlebut on 555 555 555. If you get through on this number then let us know who answers as we would like to meet them as they are holding all the cash from the last tour and it would be good if you could get them to forward payment in Neptunian Rubals. 

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