Mr Chow’s Daughters Gig in Shanghai!
19 Sep 2011

Caitlin and Angie request the pleasure of your company Monday evening for 'A Night of Song'. The show will be from 9pm till midnight at Brick – No.30 Sinan Lu Luwan district, Shanghai.

Mr Chow's Daughters is Caitlin Reilly on piano and vocals and Angie Zhai on violin.

Caitlin's energy is immediately felt in her songs. She plunges into the experiences of life and rises up to reflect on them with piercing, unsentimental insight. Her music takes us on an emotional journey with a survivor most certainly at its centre. Skilled at bringing listeners to the heart of her experience, Caitlin's music appeals to us for its disarming honesty and uncensored childlike wisdom.

To find out more about Caitlin Reilly go HERE.

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