Oksana Milles on TOUR
11 Mar 2014

One of our most recently signed artists Oksana Milles has some great shows booked for these next couple of months. With two shows in March and two in April, we are so excited for Oksana’s live performances and we know you are too! Date and location details are still to be released for some of the upcoming shows, so stay posted through Oksana’s official website here.

Make sure you also go and have a listen to some of Oksana’s latest tracks on her soundcloud account here!

Oksana Milles's Tour dates:

  • March 15, Video Presentation BLUSH, RockHouse FREE ENTRY – MOSCOW

  • March, Concert Album Presentation – TULA

  • April, Concert Album Presentation – SAINT-PETERSBURG

  • April, Concert Album Presentation – MOSCOW

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