Suzanna Lubrano kicks into touring overdrive and releases her new album Vitoria !
07 Jun 2015

 Suzanna Lubrano has announced more live dates below. She will be touring in support of the release of her album "Vitoria" for the next 15 months.

Suzanna is one of Blue Pie Records and DJ Central Records highest selling artists with multiple Gold and Platinum awards and major awards from the prestigious KORA All African Music Award for both Best West African Female and Best African Female to being one of the words most recognised and awarded Cape Verde / Zouk singers. 

In 2015 she won a major song placement securing the theme song for Fashion Central TV with her song "Don't Go Changing"

She will be making her London UK debut on the 18th September

You can purchase tickets here by clicking this link

To find out all the latest news on Suzanna please visit the following websites:


  • 23 April Rotterdam Netherlands
  • 25 April Maputo Mozambique
  • 30 April Coimbra Portugal
  • 1 May Porto Portugal
  • 2 May Lissabon Portugal
  • 3 May Algarve Portugal
  • 8 May Boston USA

  • 9 May Providence USA
  • 10 May Boston USA
  • 29 May Benguela Angola
  • 1 June Uige Angola
  • 27 June Basel Switzerland
  • 4 July Lausanne Switzerland
  • 24 July Lissabon Portugal
  • 25 July Lissabon Portugal
  • 5 Sept Atlanta USA 
  • 11 Sept New York USA
  • 12 Sept Brockton USA
  • 13 Sept Connecticut USA
  • 18 Sept London UK
  • 9 Nov Mbanza-Kongo Angola
  • 11 Nov Luanda Angola 
  • Check out Suzanna on YouTube with her smash hit "Sera Ke Amor"
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