The Devyl Nellys American Tour
24 Feb 2012

The Devyl Nellys are touring the east-coast and mid-west in support of their new feature length album, “Charmland”, released this month.

With a distinct 60s bohemian rock style that took shape after experimental jams in their loft apartment, The Devyl Nellys have denied the urge to conform and pursued the independent route to showcase their arrangements. The have had success in many fields such as the festival scene, live venues, songwriter circles and across radio, television and film.

The Devyl Nellys will be joined by The Gallery from Los Angelas, Gandhi from Brooklyn and Atomic Solace from Lexington. 

Tour Dates

1/26 Angels & Kings LES NYC 9:30 pm

1/27 Hebe Music Soundstage Mount Holly NJ 7 pm

1/28 Radio Bean Burlington VT 6 pm

2/8 Milkboy Main Ardmore PA 7 pm

2/9 Ella Lounge LES NYC 7 pm

2/10 Frecon Hard Bean Boyertown PA 7 pm

2/11 Cupids Chase 5K Stone Harbor NJ 10 am

2/11 National Underground Upstairs Houston NYC 7 pm   

3/1 Saint Maarten Heineken Regatta Sha Beach SM 5 pm

3/2 Saint Maarten Heineken Regatta Sha Beach SM 5 pm

3/7 Connie Ric Rac Bardaschino Park PA 7 pm

3/8 Legendary Dobbs Philadelphia PA 9 pm

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