Underdog Pub welcomes I Am Duckeye!!!
21 Jan 2015

Comedy Punk Rock band I Am Duckeye will be performing their songs on the 25th of January at the Underdog Pub with the band The Hard Ons!

Bringing Punk Rock and Comedy to the Pub on Australia day with their wacky, cool and funny songs, I Am Duckeye and The Hard Ons will make you enjoy the best Australia Day you will ever have.

"‘I am Duckeye’", the name, comes from guitarist Classic Matt, when in his childhood he would say the word "Duckeye" and point at anything and everything saying "Duckeye Duckeye" A year later when his brother, Sam, suggested it would be a great band name, Sean the drummer piped up saying "I am a great band!” and as we only listen to a bit of what he says, the beginning of the moniker was borne. The bass player Jules is thought to be illiterate, yet still very, very sexy. Hence the name "I am Duckeye".

For more information check out the bands website at



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