Upcoming shows for Craig Fraser!
16 Aug 2012

Craig Fraser has two shows coming up, one featuring his band The Legends of GOFPOS. Be sure to check out these shows for a real treat!

  • August 24th:

Craig Fraser & The Legends of GOFPOS pull out an acoustic jam night at the IDGAFF Bar, 177 Hoddle St Abbotsford. The night will feature new songs like "I'm Not Sorry" and "Two Stroke Bob". Come down and enjoy the fun, as they sing about the ups and downs of ordinary life in a way that just makes you smile.

  • September 16:

Get up close and personal with Craig Fraser as he plays "Songs in the Round" at The Wesley Anne, 250 High St Northcote. One of Melbournes quirkiest songwriters will have you either laughing out loud or welling up with tears, such is the diversity and ability of this unique songwriter. Playing at Melbournes best venue dedicaed to the art and performance of songwriting as Melting Pot presents Songs in the Round.

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