Dave Loew send love with immense gratitude

Dear Blue Pie Productions Team,

I am writing this testimonial with immense gratitude and a heart full of appreciation for the remarkable journey we’ve embarked on throughout 2023. To everyone who has been a part of this incredible endeavour, from the depths of my heart and resonating through the strings of my cello, a biggest thank you!

Our collective efforts have transformed what was once a zero online presence into an international brand, a journey reminiscent of a “self-made artist” navigating the complex music industry landscape for over four decades. Much like Chris de Burgh, I found solace in creating an “underground cult following” while boldly standing against major record labels seemingly detached from reality. In 2004, as I declared in London media, “Up yours” to the industry’s ivory towers.

These joyful encounters and experiences have left an indelible mark on my journey, compounded by personal challenges, including significant surgery and the loss of my beloved mother at 101. Navigating the complexities of family dynamics added another layer to this “melting pot” from which I sought to move forward cautiously, especially after health setbacks prevented me from performing and earning.

Despite these challenges, our collaborative spirit prevailed, and I’m thrilled to witness the monumental results of our collective efforts. I’d love nothing more than to emulate an “Elvis Presley” moment and shower each of you with lavish gifts. Alas, circumstances make this challenging, but please know that my gratitude knows no bounds.

Special mention goes to Diego Schlesinger for his stellar work at the helm of our stunningly released videos, Kyra for her beautiful photography, and Kate for her discreet Batgirl persona (whip included). The seamless website build, digital mastering, archiving, and Astor’s discreet flatulence moments—all contributed to the success we celebrate today.

As I reflect on my 74th birthday, I’m reminded of the significance of your tireless efforts. In the absence of family, your commitment and dedication have become my steadfast companions. Each hour you invested, every creative endeavour, and the incredible results achieved are a testament to your unparalleled professionalism.

Warmest thanks and heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. Here’s to the unwavering spirit of Blue Pie Productions, transforming dreams into reality.

With sincere appreciation,

Dave Loew