Glenn A Baker loves the OUTpsiDER remix’s of “Downtown” and “Sweets for my Sweet” !

In the climate subsequent to the enormous world wide success of the remix of Elvis Presley's " A Little Less Conversation" Alex's deft and clever remix's will undoubtedly have a ready made market in a number of countries. Having had the opportunity to speak to Petula Clark, members of the Searchers and the producer common to them both Tony Hatch , I have been able to observer first hand their enormous and honest enthusiasm for what has been accomplished for such standards as DOWNTOWN and SWEETS for MY SWEET.

What seems to impress all concerned is how much the much loved songs have had new life breathed into them with due integrity and respect and how Alex has been able to retain the original spirit and magic of these classic 60's whilst taking them some where else again.On the dance floors and over the radio these remix's look set to have a galvanizing effect on a great many listeners, most of whom were not even alive when the tracks were hits first time around.

Glenn A Baker
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