Groove FM talks about OUTpsiDER’s remix of Petula Clarke’s “Downtown”

We have had such an awesome response from Blue Pie Productions, ever since we first received contact from them.

You have given us so much help and have assisted the station with giveaways, interviews and remixes of the popular Downtown track. Groove 101.7 has had ‘The OUTpsiDER & Petula Clarke, Downtown 2003’ on a high rotation for some time, and has received a large amount of feedback from our fan base. We gave away 3 large Petula Clarke plaques and conducted a short interview with her, all in order to promote this track.

The organization of Blue Pie Productions during this time was impeccable and we have received nothing but professional assistance and support from the team.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for the help and hope that we may be able to continue working with you in future.

Alicia Mule
Program Director