Miracle West Entertainment Inc send the love and thanks to Blue Pie Records USA !

To The Blue Pie Records Team:
The experience we have had with Blue Pie Records and Blue Pie Productions has been a Top-Notch experience. The CEO Damien Reilly and the team at Blue Pie has exceeded the level of expertise and professionalism.

The infrastructure of my label was set up to where we can track and monitor all digital retail sales and up streams without any hassles. The reports and statements have always been easy to monitor and follow. The Global distribution services at Blue Pie Records has taken my new releases around the globe. Countries that I could never get my music heard by before has become a dream come true through Blue Pie Records.

I will be the 1st to admit that being a part of Blue Pie Records & Blue Pie Productions, has made my label Miracle West Entertainment a Global name to be recognized.

Thank you once again to Damien and the team for creating a Master Record Label that sits atop it’s own throne of success. Blue Pie is the Future driving force of Music.

Mike C