Peter Head talks about his experience with Blue Pie Records

Blue Pie Records have renewed my faith in the future of the Australian Recording Industry.

I was getting old, cynical, bitter, and twisted until I recently got a call from Lindsay Osborne, (aka Linzi O). He introduced me to his good friend, ceo-Damien ,and now I feel I have found a team that now only CARES about the music, but who are prepared to actually get down and dirty to do the hard creative work necessary to create new looking and sounding product, and for that I am full of admiration. And then…they really know how to sell it world-wide better than anyone I have ever seen.

These boys saw the future way back in the beginning, and now their hard work will make them deserve to be the last people standing at the end. And did I mention that it is not only exciting , but fun to be around them, and I hope that it will go on ,and on, and show the rest of the world how to do it.

All the best, my friends.

Peter Head
Resident Psychedelic Godfather,
still the hardest working muso in the country today!