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Aren B


Aren B is an up and coming R&B artist specialising in pop and dance beats which showcases his amazing vocal ability. His name appropriately pronounced Arr-en-bee, was the product of an enlightening studio session some years ago where a good friend of Aren B branded him with the moniker and it has stuck ever since, and for good reason. Aren B utilises his amazing falsetto and melodic tone to captivate his listeners and demonstrates the raw talent he possesses and the potentially bright future he has in the music industry. The letters for Aren B were taken from his birth name Brendan to overtly express his love and passion for the rhythm and blues genre. He is however not held back by the constraints and limitations of the genre, expressing his love for house and electro sound, effortlessly merging R&B vocals with dance beats. Self described as a ‘ladies man’; Aren B marries silky smooth vocals with romanticised lyrical content to simply drive the ladies wild.

Aren B managed to establish a strong musical foundation at a young age singing in his local youth choir and playing drums for a touring gospel group at the age of 12 during his childhood in Missouri. After acquiring his Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications, Aren B took to New York City to pursue his real dream of working as a professional musician.

He auditioned for Season 6 of the widely successful American Idol TV show in Memphis, Tennessee alongside 18 000 other hopefuls, falling just short of making it to the final Hollywood rounds. When asked how he felt about making it to Hollywood he added, “It was a huge accomplishment for me.” He made the cut from 60 to 30, but was eliminated in the second round during the group portion of the show.

Aren B has made the first steps to cementing his legitimacy as a real talent, working with hit producers such as EMI rep Battleroy, Jai Marlon, David Hall, Erb Money, Jojo Simmons and many others. Established artists like Keri Hilson, Robin Thicke and Day 26 have enlisted Aren B’s composition talents to compose songs for them, Aren B even had the honour of being complemented by legendary recording artist Al B. Sure when he was quoted saying “That was the best remake of my song Night and Day I have ever heard young man. Great work,” crediting Aren B for his remake of the Al B. Sure 90’s smash hit “Night and Day.”

Brendan has opened for and toured with the likes of Tyrese, Silk, Snoop Dogg and The Roots and has had the honour of performing at the famed Rockwood Music Hall located in downtown New York City, a feat seldom achieved by such a young artist. His onstage presence, and commanding new age R&B stylings, has grasped the attention of audiences across the United States with the rest of the world sure to follow.

Aren B credits his music style to his own musical foundation. “I’ve been inspired by several life experiences, but mostly my imagination has inspired me to write on different topics and situations while creating memorable melodies.”

Aren B is distributed to the world digitally by Blue Pie.

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