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Bryan Gorsira

Bryan Gorsira comes from a long line of musicians from his father’s homeland of Curacao. While trying to figure out what he wanted to do for a living, he has lived locations from Maine to California, and numerous states in-between. Throughout these travels around the U.S. his guitar has been with him the whole way and lucky it was!

Growing up in the 70’s and heavily influenced by the acoustic guitar music of that day (Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, Dan Fogleburg, etc.) Bryan has jotted down his impressions of living and that ever needed outlet of musical release from nearly any occasion, most notably that of romance.

After playing coffee houses in college with a talented roommate, the music writing bug really took hold and never has stopped. Feeling limited with just acoustic guitar and vocals, he has worked with a demo studio in Nashville to create enhanced versions of his music. Perhaps his playing partner from his college days put it best when he said “I like your lyrics”. Bryan’s lyrics evoke gritty images, but show vulnerability at the same time, a nice blend; humility, but with a world-worn wisdom.

Bryan Gorsira’s ‘So Far’ has been nominated for CD of the year by online site indie music digest. You can read the review here.

Bryan Gorsira is distributed to the world digitally by Blue Pie.

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