What They Say About Us !

Ray Columbus loves the Dino Jag and Damien Reilly remix of She’s A Mod !

I am very impressed with the team at Blue Pie and the track is absolutely fantastic. We are happy to be working in with such a great team.

Ray Columbus OBE
EnZed Music & Ray Columbus and the Invaders

A letter from Ray Columbus:
SAM - EnZed Music - Strathfield Car Radio 290904

Richard Monk loves the OUTpsiDER and his remix’s of “Downtown” and “Sweets for my Sweet” !

We may not be living in the golden age of music, but at least we can revisit some of the better moments. The reworking of Downtown and Sweets for My Sweet has recaptured the essence of the era and brought it into the 21st Century.

Richard Monk
ARN Music Director
101.7 WSFM (Sydney)
1323am 5DN (Adelaide)

Thank you Blue Pie Records team !

Thanks for all that you are doing. You are getting my music out to the world. You and the team are doing such a great job.

Thanks again and best wishes.

Steve Carter

The Searchers

The remixes of "Sweets for my Sweet" are just amazing. We could never have imagined our music, made four decades ago, could sound so fresh and exciting.

We really do have to thank The OUTpsiDER for bringing us into the 20th Century and exposing us to a whole new youth culture".

Frank Allen and John McNally

Janice Marie loves Sahra’s cover of Boogie Oogie Oogie !

" I am truly enjoying listening to Sahra's "Girl Parts" CD. In fact, it is the only CD that I play in my car. Some of my favorites song are Lightness, Fall, Hold On Tight and of course Boogie Oogie Oogie.

You can check out Sahra's version here: www.sahraonline.com

The Blue Pie writing team is fantastic and to think this is only the beginning."

Janice Marie
A Taste of Honey and writer of " Boogie Oogie Oogie "

Gordon Waller goes to pieces over the OUTpsiDER remixes for his biggest hits !

" I enjoyed the OUTpsiDER's version of "I go to pieces" and "World with out love", It is certainly an interesting treatment of these two songs and I feel it works very well. You have my full support with this venture. I am also impressed with the teams credentials and the way you have managed to get this project off and running "

Gordon Waller

Groove FM talks about OUTpsiDER’s remix of Petula Clarke’s “Downtown”

We have had such an awesome response from Blue Pie Productions, ever since we first received contact from them.

You have given us so much help and have assisted the station with giveaways, interviews and remixes of the popular Downtown track. Groove 101.7 has had 'The OUTpsiDER & Petula Clarke, Downtown 2003' on a high rotation for some time, and has received a large amount of feedback from our fan base. We gave away 3 large Petula Clarke plaques and conducted a short interview with her, all in order to promote this track.

The organization of Blue Pie Productions during this time was impeccable and we have received nothing but professional assistance and support from the team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for the help and hope that we may be able to continue working with you in future.

Alicia Mule
Program Director

Stuart Tabrett loves the jingles created by Blue Pie Records

Thanks for the great jingles that you create for Guthreys Travel. They are absolutely fantastic and we always get great feedback. We have been using the radio ads now for 4 months and our bookings are increasing.

Keep up the great work. You guys are great !

Stuart Tabrett | CEO

Many thanks to the Blue Pie Records Crew

Thanks for all the hard work that you do for the band. We all appreciate it. Hats off to blue pie for the recent license and I do look forward to the future with you guys!!!

Henry Turner Jnr

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