What They Say About Us !

Words of love from Fusier

Working with Damien has been great especially since he knows the area so well when it comes to digital/internet distribution & having someone like Colin Seeger in the music law area with him, makes an efficient team I feel I can trust.

They have done an incredible job of getting all my music out to new fans that I would never have been able to conect with on my own. The staff and all the people that work there are super friendly and love what they do.

I highly recommnend this great indie label. They are the music label of old with the touch of all the great new things like digital distribution and market for some of us old school arists.


Big Deal Touring’s Sam Righi loves working with Blue Pie Records

What a pleasure it is dealing with such an inspirational person as your self, your attention to detail, follow up and passion for music makes it a pleasure dealing with you.

May our relationship last for years and bring us both the success we are looking for.

Sam Righi
Big Deal Touring

A letter from Sam Righi:
BPP - Big Deal Inc Testamonial 221110

Thank you so much Blue Pie Crew !

Thanks for all you are doing for Ooh La La and Well Done on the new Blue Pie site it looks fantastic. We all really really appreciate the effort I'm sure we can make a few miracles happen!!

The Soul Brother

Blue Pie Records love working with Slimey Things

In the time that Slimey Things have worked with Blue Pie Productions, Blue Pie has assisted in the production of our Live DVD, our web site and our soon to be released EP. Blue Pie has also assisted in our publicity and various other business affairs, helping us to gain the recognition we have achieved to date. Damien Reilly's commitment to good music and willingness to take risks on acts that others may overlook, ensures that audiences will hear a diverse range of music that they may otherwise be deprived of.

Together Slimey Things and Blue Pie productions will rule the galaxy with an iron fist!

Nick Soole
Supreme carbon-based entity, Slimey Things

Some praise from Michael McGlynn

Thanks heaps for the site design. It looks fantastic! The feedback I've had from everyone has been great, so thank you so much. You guys rock!

Michael McGlynn

Rusty Anderson loves the remix work from Dino and Damien !!!

"To the supa fine Blue Pie Crew"
I am really digging all the new treatments! You guys are kicking some remix ass!
I was pleasantly surprised to hear your innovative arrangements.
Special thanx to Richie and Dino for keepin the beat!

Rusty Anderson
Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist for the Sir Paul McCartney Band

Thank you for all your support !

We wanted to thank you and all the design team that created all our media and for the Beautiful and Brilliant work you did on our website. We look forward to riding together to a promising future.

Thank you for your support.

All the Best - 7 Horses

Stuart Tabrett loves the jingles created by Blue Pie Records

Thanks for the great jingles that you create for Guthreys Travel. They are absolutely fantastic and we always get great feedback. We have been using the radio ads now for 4 months and our bookings are increasing.

Keep up the great work. You guys are great !

Stuart Tabrett | CEO

Groove FM talks about OUTpsiDER’s remix of Petula Clarke’s “Downtown”

We have had such an awesome response from Blue Pie Productions, ever since we first received contact from them.

You have given us so much help and have assisted the station with giveaways, interviews and remixes of the popular Downtown track. Groove 101.7 has had 'The OUTpsiDER & Petula Clarke, Downtown 2003' on a high rotation for some time, and has received a large amount of feedback from our fan base. We gave away 3 large Petula Clarke plaques and conducted a short interview with her, all in order to promote this track.

The organization of Blue Pie Productions during this time was impeccable and we have received nothing but professional assistance and support from the team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for the help and hope that we may be able to continue working with you in future.

Alicia Mule
Program Director

Tony Hatch loves the remixes from the OUTpsiDER !

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the new treatments of DOWNTOWN and I'm confident that Petula will feel the same. I congratulate the OUTpsiDER for his imaginative transformation of the original record from a 60's classic to a sound of the new millennium.. a sound of today.

I'm impressed with the credentials of all those who will be involved in the marketing and promotion of the record. There is no doubt that it is a great team.

Tony Hatch
Writer of DOWNTOWN

Click here to read Tony Hatch's letter of thanks:
BPP - Downtown - Tony Hatch Letter of Approval 020403

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