What They Say About Us !

The Yeehaa Boys love the Blue Pie Ranch

Thanks to the team at Blue Pie for all the help and support with running our merchandise stands and everything that you do for this band. Blue Pie Records go the extra yards all the time for us so the band definitely wanted to send their thanks.

Yeehaa !
The Yeehaa Boys

Thank you for all your support !

We wanted to thank you and all the design team that created all our media and for the Beautiful and Brilliant work you did on our website. We look forward to riding together to a promising future.

Thank you for your support.

All the Best - 7 Horses

Rusty Anderson loves the remix work from Dino and Damien !!!

"To the supa fine Blue Pie Crew"
I am really digging all the new treatments! You guys are kicking some remix ass!
I was pleasantly surprised to hear your innovative arrangements.
Special thanx to Richie and Dino for keepin the beat!

Rusty Anderson
Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist for the Sir Paul McCartney Band

Some praise from Michael McGlynn

Thanks heaps for the site design. It looks fantastic! The feedback I've had from everyone has been great, so thank you so much. You guys rock!

Michael McGlynn

Blue Pie Records love working with Slimey Things

In the time that Slimey Things have worked with Blue Pie Productions, Blue Pie has assisted in the production of our Live DVD, our web site and our soon to be released EP. Blue Pie has also assisted in our publicity and various other business affairs, helping us to gain the recognition we have achieved to date. Damien Reilly's commitment to good music and willingness to take risks on acts that others may overlook, ensures that audiences will hear a diverse range of music that they may otherwise be deprived of.

Together Slimey Things and Blue Pie productions will rule the galaxy with an iron fist!

Nick Soole
Supreme carbon-based entity, Slimey Things

Thank you so much Blue Pie Crew !

Thanks for all you are doing for Ooh La La and Well Done on the new Blue Pie site it looks fantastic. We all really really appreciate the effort I'm sure we can make a few miracles happen!!

The Soul Brother

Big Deal Touring’s Sam Righi loves working with Blue Pie Records

What a pleasure it is dealing with such an inspirational person as your self, your attention to detail, follow up and passion for music makes it a pleasure dealing with you.

May our relationship last for years and bring us both the success we are looking for.

Sam Righi
Big Deal Touring

A letter from Sam Righi:
BPP - Big Deal Inc Testamonial 221110

Thank you so much Blue Pie !

Thanks for getting us the Supanova gig, IT WAS OUR BEST PROMO EVER!!!
The amount of good vibes, good comments, "about time!" we got was awesome!
We also sold loads of merch, to people of all ages & species. It was also great, because most of us have not been to anything like this, and it was just a buzz.

Thanks for all you do.

The Slimey Things

Thank you Blue Pie Records for being one of guest speakers at SIMIC 2008 !

Just wanted to say a big thanks for being our guest speaker at SIMIC 2008. It was so generous of you to lend your time and expertise to our event. Needless to say it was a great success and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Kelly Staines
Music Department
Ultimo TAFE

Petula Clark loves the OUTpsiDER remix of “Downtown” !

I am thrilled at these new treatments of Downtown! It is just so good to hear that a company like Blue Pie can get in there and get a deal done. It shows you don't have to be a big record company to do what you do!

Petula Clark

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