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Gordon Waller

Gordon Waller was one half of the 60’s super folk pop duo of “Peter and Gordon”. In contrast to today’s world of disposable artists, Gordon Waller was a true genuine star that lived rock and roll, and all its short comings with both incredible highs and formidable lows.  Gold records for Gordon are abound, and his music will always live on. Talent wins all the time, and Gordon Waller and Peter Asher aka “Peter and Gordon” had this in abundance.

They also had some great luck when Peter Asher’s sister went out with Sir Paul McCartney back in the day. This explains the ability for them to secure a lucrative song like ” World Without Love ” from the FAB Beatles song writing team. Make no mistake, without the talent to actually make the song work, it would have been just another ordinary song, but they made it work and it went to No 1!

Gordon played a vital role in clearing the rights for The OUTpsiDER to remix the Peter and Gordon hit “World without Love”,  which was a Lennon and McCartney penned song, as well as Peter and Gordon’s “I Go To Pieces”. You can listen to these incredible remixes via The OUTpsiDER’s Spotify profile! Both songs were top 20 hits for The OUTpsiDER.

Gordon worked with an exclusive list of writers and performers developing their talents and careers. Projects included the soundtrack for the film “James Dean – Race With Destiny”, which consists of original songs written by Gordon and his friends. Sadly Gordon passed away in 2009. He will be missed but his music will continue to live on.

Gordon Waller is a Blue Pie Records USA and Steele Wallet Records artist & is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for selected titles.

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