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M.Dot is an artiste, a film maker and a song composer who was brought to our attention by the one and only Nedjon. As with all of Nedjon’s recommendations, M.Dot is a stand out musician, and quite an ambitious film maker to boot!

m.dot survival the movie

With sweet soundtracks for his films such as Survival: The Movie, M.Dot’s catalogue is both groovy and evocative, making for the perfect addition to both a film backdrop and a fun playlist.

This kind of music isn’t like any typical rap or film score you’ve heard before. With dangerous instrumental and energetic flow, M.Dot has you spellbound from each syllable and on the edge of your seat, whether you’re watching or listening to what he made. Either way is a thrill ride and a half!

If you’re after more M.Dot in your life, we have his catalogue links down below, and his social media profiles too. His is a prestigious indie film academy, and his music is the perfect backdrop for the colourful creations he’s making with heart and soul!

M.Dot is a Blue Pie artist distributed on all major online retailers and streaming services.

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