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Nedjon, our man on the ground in Lagos and Africa!
02 Feb 2019
Nedjon is a man of many talents, not only is he a musician with fantastic hits such as Green Light and You Be God, but he is a logistical professional, and we’re excited to announce his contributions to our catalogue promise to be quite impressive!
An example of Nedjon’s musical talent, his most popular song on Spotify, Green Light:

Nedjon has not only provided us with his own musical talent, but has introduced us to many African acts that we are glad to have discovered! These diamonds in the rough have signed on with multiple labels that Nedjon has contributed to managing, such as M & O Records, One House Music and Sound, Royal Sound Entertainment, and Tizzle Nation, just to name a few! His proficiency with customer relationships has allowed him to expand his roster for his label Nedjon Media, with over 300 artists now signed and growing!
Nedjon works day to day with managing and supporting a label network of over 50 of Africa’s leading independent labels. Here are some of the amazing Spotify hits that Nedjon’s connections have graced us with!
Up Nepa by DJ Ice Cream ft Seyi Shay, Mr. Real:

In My Head by Sean Tizzle ft DJ Prince:

 As you can see, Nedjon is truly an asset to our little global community worth celebrating, and we are grateful for his stellar contributions to our mission to bring fantastic music to the world. People like Nedjon give artists a chance where they might otherwise struggle due to difficulties maintaining clear communication with Africa’s music industries. Truly he is a bridge between worlds and a proficient talent hunter, and one we are glad to have discovered!

If you are an African artist and wish to get noticed to work with Blue Pie and DJ Central, or know someone who fits the bill, give us an email at

To check out all the latest news on Nedjon Media, check out his official website at

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