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The Olivia Project

The Olivia Project is an incredible work for anyone interested in music from the pride community. Covers of the best work from Olivia Newton-John, including the iconic “Xanadu” and “Physical” are rendered expertly by Paula Lacovich. The musical endeavour has seen all kinds of recognition, from the humble inclusion in our plans for the Blue Pie Records gaming team, to the very top of the musical charts across the world! Somewhere that The Olivia Project’s music might be recognisable to pop culture is with the inclusion of the triumphant anthem of “Xanadu” in a number of dance games in Japan, including the universally acclaimed DDR – Dance Dance Revolution!

The PRIDE and joy of Pride Music, one look at the label’s website www.pridemusic.biz is all you need to see how beloved The Olivia Project really is to folks around the world!

But semantics are one thing, but walking the walk is another – listen and get lost in Paula’s sweet voice!

The Olivia Project | Album Name: The Olivia Project Vol. 1

The Olivia Project | Album Name: The Olivia Project Vol. 2

In 1996, The Olivia Project had major chart success in ASIA and Europe with “Spend The Night” and “Xanadu”. Both tracks achieved 10 in Japan, Australia and the UK, and are unique covers of some of Australia’s pop music icon Olivia Newton-John’s biggest hits. Listen hard to them, as we think these are better than some of the original versions! Paula Lacovich is famous for her vocal talents, and the foundation vocalist of the “Olivia Project”, singing just about any song that Olivia recorded and turning it into a classic hit cover!

In 2018, The Olivia Project was released digitally on Spotify. From the date of upload, Volume 1 gained over 250,000 plays on Spotify in less than three days. Paula Lacovich AKA The Olivia Project, as always, was rocketing back to the top of the charts again! The albums had a great start with more than 50,000 streams on Spotify in less than three days after its release. Paula Lacovich is nothing short of amazing and one of Pride Music’s top selling artists for the past few decades!Even in the years beyond its first digital re-release, The Olivia Project is an all-star and captivates many a listener year after year!

Thanks to these two fabulous compilations, you can relive your childhood memories. For others who did not grow up with “Xanadu” and other iconic tracks from this beloved project, adding works from “The Olivia Project” to your playlists is a great way to get acquainted with some huge 1980s classics. Hiraeth is a Welsh word that refers to a nostalgia for a place you may never have been, and if you weren’t around during the 80s, we’re pretty sure you’ll be all hiraethed out after this!

Volume 1

Volume 2

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