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Happy Pride Month 2020! Pride Music has a new website!
11 Jun 2020

June is Pride Month! The rainbow flags are flying, and members and allies alike of the LGBTQ+ community stand together, proud of who they are. Many years of oppression have at times rendered their identities taboo, and pride month is a month about celebrating that they are who they are, and they have survived despite everything. This joyous embracing of queer culture is integral to the philosophies of Pride Music, a record label that we’ve been working closely with! In celebration of the LGBTQ+ community during this important month, we have launched a brand new website for the record label. Now, fans of Wanda Dee, The Olivia Project, Coming Out Crew, and many others, can find all their favourite tracks and vids all in one place!

Here are just some of our favourites!


All sorts of great EDM here, and if you dig deeper you can find even more! Hits like Wanda Dee and the KLF wait for nobody, so be sure to jump right in! We have the best of pride on offer, and now’s the best time to play it! June set sail a week or two ago and we’re sure as hell gonna stay afloat with it… until we need to wait for Pride 2021! Head to for more!

Check out more Pride Music at these links:

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