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The Romeo Knights

The long anticipated launch of The Romeo Knights saw them release their debut EP to a packed crowd at Melbourne’s Revolver Bar in June 2011, following 3 months of honing and road testing material written by guitarist and vocalist Adam Kurzel.

The band have since followed up with solid performances, selling out shows at The Cherry Bar, regular appearances at Melbourne’s iconic Esplanade Hotel and a spot at The Basin Music Festival in 2012.

Kurzel and drummer Kris Grondman have been making music together since 2006, as previous members of electric Melbourne band Nitidus, who won best rock band at Los Angeles’ Independent Music Awards and followed with a 5 week US tour in 2008.

Following the untimely split of Nitidus in 2009, Kurzel and Grondman began working on sketches of material that would later shape the band’s first EP. Bassist Ben Howland joined the band after originally making his way from Sydney to Melbourne in search of a thriving underground rock scene, cutting his teeth with alternative/fuzz rockers Immersion before landing the bass role with The Romeo Knights.

The three men that define The Romeo Knights are a combination of talent that has developed, with their passion, over the years. Together, they host a rich and flavoursome rock palate- something so unique that it is sure to get you immersed in their music the way the rest of Melbourne already has.

The Romeo Knights are a Blue Pie Records USA artist and are published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for selected titles.

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