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The Rudies

Straight out of Lexington, Kentucky and with a total of over 50 years musical experience between them, The Rudies know where it’s at.

Made up of veterans of music, The Rudies offer their unique style of reggae and Ska. Their influences include Lee Perry, Fishbone, The Clash, Black Uhuru, Bad Brains and Slackers. Their love of different styles allow for a unique blend of ‘the best’ of reggae and Ska. The Rudies have opened for The Wailers, Fishbone and English Beat and they are currently working away at their second release. The Rudies are passionate about their music, their fans and their culture. It is not about fame or stardom for The Rudies as each of them have been working musicians for many years, each reaching their own individual levels of success. It all comes back to the music and the love of playing it. The Rudies are Reggae Ska-rock with provocative and intelligent lyrics.

Them a loot / Them a shoot. Then a wail / At Shanty Town. When rude boy deh ‘pon probation. Then rude boy a bomb up the town” – Desmond Dekker (007 Shanty Town).

The Rudies are a Blue Pie Records USA artist and are published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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