Welcome to the Blue Pie charity section of our website. Blue Pie and our partner companies are proud to support the following charities. If you would like to know more about how Blue Pie and our partners and how we provide support for charity then please email:

Blue Pie Records and Barry Crocker actively support Variety where ever possible. One of our recent initiatives has been the creation of the Variety Barry Crocker Ringtones site.

The site provides users with the ability to download some crazy and very funny ringtones from one of Australia’s iconic stars ” Mr Barry Crocker “. Every time someone downloads a ringtone 30% of the profits generated on every sale are donated to Variety. You can read about how Barry supports Variety and all the fantastic work that they do by visiting Barry’s website.

One of the other ways that we have been able to support Variety has been through the sale of CD’s via the Blue Pie shop.

View the letter of thanks and our donation here:
BPP – Variety – Barry Crocker Thankyou Letter v280806


The Hurricane Healing initiative was established in 2005, with the vision to help all victims of the Hurricane Katrina disaster that same year.

Since then, Hurricane Healing has grown to give a helping hand to all victims worldwide who have been affected by natural disasters. We have been steadily building this initiative to combine music with charity!

Over the past few years, we have been producing physical CD compilation albums and digital compilations thanks to the support of over 150 indie artists and 20 + indie record labels from around the world that send us music.

All of the Hurricane Healing compilation albums are available through iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and many more online retailers. To find our compilations, simply search for “Hurricane Healing” as the album title, and you will find it there!

Donation Report – January 2017
We are very pleased to advise we have been able to make another payment to the Salvation Army today for $338.83 USD.

This now takes the total donations we have been able to raise to $1485.56.

You can visit the website and then see all the donations made there. If you would like to know more or want to help and donate to the Salvation Army then please feel free to reach out to contact in California.

The Hurricane Healing Team – Music That Heals

Deborah Knutson
Public & Corporate Relations Director, USA Western Territory
The Salvation Army – DOING THE MOST GOOD
180 E. Ocean Boulevard | Long Beach, CA 90802
562.491.8351 – p | 310.753.7578 – c | 562.491.8551 – f
visit us at

Blue Pie Records donates part of their profits each year to World Vision. Since we started with World Vision in 1996, we have been able to donate over $30,000 AUD with regular monthly payments and additional top up payments. You can see the World Vision Tax Statements below.

Most of the funds are directed towards aid in Africa, providing clean water for communities who would otherwise get sick from dysentery and have a much shorter life expectancy.

For a few dollars each week you can make a lifetime of difference.

Click on any of the links below to view the thank you letters from World Vision.

BPP – World Vision – Thank You Letter v210709
BPP – World Vision – Thank You Letter v300511

Click on any of the links below to view our donation reports for the noted year.

BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2002-2003
BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2003-2004

BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2004-2005

BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2005-2006
BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2006-2007
BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2007-2008
BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2008-2009
BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2009-2010
BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2010-2011
BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2011-2012 – Part A
BPP – World Vision Tax Statement 2011-2012 – Part B

Blue Pie Records and Magic Blue Creative dig deep to support “The Not Too Foul” Fund Raiser for one of Australia’s greatest radio personalities “Vic Davies”.

The company was glad to have been able to donate a website to the Fund Raising Committee that was auctioned off on the night. If you would like to know more about Magic Blue Creative and the great work that this company does then please visit their website here.

Read the great note of thanks was sent to the team:
BPP – Not Too Foul Thank You Letter v01052010

The Blue Pie Records Media Team and Planet Blue Pictures teamed up for the launch of the film “The Argues The Movie”.

The campaign was very successful and secured an official quote from the then primer minister Julia Gillard:

“The Adopt A Pensioner program and the initiative created by Blue Pie Records and Barry Crocker to allow pensioners to the see the new “Argues” movie is a fantastic program. Congratulations to Barry and all the team”
Julia Gillard
Prime Minister | Australia 

The campaign included National TVC Commercials on selected community networks and Channel 7. The program was all about adopting a pensioner and taking them to the movie for free. We partnered with Channel 7 to launch the film with Hoyts. Barry Crocker was the spokesperson for this campaign.

Channel 7 featured a story on Today Tonight announcing the marketing campaign. Every pensioner in Australia was able go to the cinema with anyone that “Adopts A Pensioner” for the day. The pensioner go to the movie for free.


THE ARGUES THE MOVIE is a story of how a son, a mother, and a duck named Leon Skank assault the Hollywood star system in an attempt to secure work through one of the biggest international actors’ agents in the world, Ed Tomato at ICU Management Los Angeles.

However, things don’t go so well!

The ramifications of their approach to secure Ed as an agent result in a chase around the world…and the World Wide Web after “Skanky” David’s puppet duck becomes the talk of the town.

This is a story of remembrance, rehabilitation and outrageous situations that offer a bizarre insight into the world of showbiz and the struggles of an out of work actor.

ARGUEably a funny, mad and eccentric trip!

The Film Credits Are Amazing !!
PRODUCER: Leyla Aziz
PRODUCER: William Mozer
PRODUCER: David Hannay
STARRING: David Argue and Patricia Argue
CAST: Steven Tandy as Ed Tomato
CO-STARRING: Stuart Thompson; Rosslyn Abernethy; Chris Fair; Nat Russell; John Rogers; Kim Hoffman
ADDITIONAL CAST: Monette Lee; Jodey Paull; Clair Buchholz; Jesse Scouller
CO-PRODUCER: Frank Caridi
CO-PRODUCER: Gary Tansley
WRITTEN BY: David Argue; Patricia Argue; Stuart Thompson; Steven Tandy; Mark Hembrow
ORIGINAL CONCEPT: Mark Hembrow; Leyla Aziz; William Mozer

Official Links:
Adopt-A-Pensioner Website
Today Tonight’s story on Adopt-A-Pensioner
Argues The Movie

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