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We are extremely proud to receive yet another letter of thanks from David Small, CEO, Variety, the children’s charity. We are glad to have made a difference to the lives of those children in need.

To Quote David Small – CEO | Variety

” I would like to extend our deep thanks to you and the teams at Blue Pie and the marketing team at Dealing With Destiny for the non stop support you have shown Variety.

Your ongoing support in helping us to raise much needed funding for Australian children born with serious illness and disability. Without the kindness and generosity from companies such as Blue Pie and Dalifey Films, Variety – the Children’s Charity, would be unable to provide the special care we believe is not only valuable but vital for those children affected by illness or disability.

So far we have been able to raise close to $10,000 from the raffle of the car ” Betsy” in the film and box office ticket sales that have been kindly donated and there is more to come from your marketing efforts with retailers like Coles and Woolworth’s and hopefully support from QANTAS and VIRGIN showing the film in their In-Flight systems.

You have been very creative with this film and we look forward to working with you on any new film projects where you wish to donate proceeds to Variety. I would like to send special thanks to Paul and James Condoleon and Damien Reilly for jumping on board to help fund this cause and to get the business model over to us last year. I want everyone involved to know the disadvantaged children of Australia are incredibly grateful.

Thank you Damien, Paul and James and the teams at Blue Pie and Dalifey Films for your great work.”

For all the latest news on the film you can visit the films website at

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