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10 years of Dealing With Destiny!
21 Apr 2020

Dealing With Destiny is an independent Australian film that spent a year in production in 2010, and officially released in 2011. This means that this year marks the 10 year anniversary of the film! And what a film it was. This quirky Aussie comedy is about a group of good buddies on their last day of University together. Blake, Lloyd, Vinnie, and Ricardo have to deal with an assortment of challenges that are thrown in their way, such as final exams, college pranks, attack dogs, rivalries and, of course, girl troubles. Lloyd suspects Blake of making a move on his new girlfriend Zara, Ricardo falls in lust with the sexy gym girl, and Vinnie is more in love with Betsy, his yellow 1969 fiat sports car. And what about the arrival of the cute nurse called Destiny?

With music supervised and a soundtrack created by Blue Pie Records, and with the film being distributed by Planet Blue Pictures USA, this hilarious film was an honour to work on. Especially with musical geniuses such as Sam Pollard, among others, at the wheel of the soundtrack!

The World (as in the planet, not the Tarot’s World Arcana) has had the ability to download or stream the film for many years now, via the AMAZON VOD platform. You can number among them by clicking here! But since it’s the 10 year anniversary, we also have something special for you Dealing With Destiny Lovers. (Again, lovers of the film, not the Lovers Arcana.) The website has been given a complete and total overhaul!

Dealing With Destiny:

Now you can browse the film’s database to your heart’s content. Skimming over it might allow you to divine a few names within the mist – it could only be the all-star cast! Follow the turning of the tarot cards as Zara uses her self-styled cosmic powers to predict their future pathways. Amazingly, everything seems to be coming perfectly true- or is there a surprise at the bottom of the deck? The film stars Clayton Moss, Roger Sciberras (“Fool’s Gold”), Catherine Jermanus, and even Luke Arnold, (“Broken Hill”) you can see that this film may have just had its hand in kickstarting a few careers! Luke Arnold in particular is a promising name to read on any casting list!

Directed by Colm O’Murchu (“The Makeover”), the film also features a killer soundtrack from “Blue Pie Records” – that’s us, as you may have seen in your visions! In particular, Destiny Band ft Ryan Adams is up to 250k on Spotify and Apple Music, and Funky P’s Smile Baby is up to 1 million streams… but that’s not all. Both of them are only growing more and more!

So get your hands on this zany “feel good” movie, and have a great time taking a journey with us through friendship, love, and destiny! Your fate is but one click of this link away… the prophecy foretells that you can find the links to download the film there on all major platforms, as well as all social media for the film itself. See past the mist, and find your destiny…

Dealing With Destiny:

Dealing With Destiny | Official Links

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