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Fans are picking up Sam Pollard all over the world!
23 Mar 2020

The Sam Pollard radio campaign is working, to say the least! One might say we’ve taken a  Step in the right direction, perhaps even making a World Of Difference for Sam Pollard. It’s little wonder that Steps and World Of Difference are seeing the success they are. They’re both excellent works by a truly passionate musical individual. We’ll let them speak for themselves for anyone not caught up to speed.

Now that you’re all up to scratch, let’s move onto some big and exciting news. In a previous article, we celebrated the fact that World Of Difference was getting a radio campaign of its own. Later down the line we also celebrated that the ingenious “Steps” was getting the same treatment, which they both deserve! Well, this is the follow up, and we’re pleased to present to you just the sheer scope of where Sam is being played around the world! Check out this list of radio stations! This list is ever growing, so this is just a preview of the true beast that is Sam’s popularity!

  • ClubCom: health and fitness facilities: 3900 venues in the US and 800 in Canada
  • Retail Radio / Spectrio: US and Canada with 70,000+ locations
  • Custom Channels
  • Moojic: 3000 retail outlets in India, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & Indonesia
  • Neptune Now
  • Xenox (50.000 + Media Outlets in 20 countries)
  • UMix –  instore radio USA (a.o MC Donalds, Taco Bell, Subway, Hilton)
  • Mix FM
  • Auracle Sound:  3000 live channels across Europe
  • Streamalot Fashion stores, restaurant, lounge bars, do-it-yourself chain etc.
  • Radio Stitch
  • Music Now: music provider in the South African Retail Landscape
  • MARELL Mediasystems 1200 locations Benelux
  • Retailradio New Zealand
  • WRSradio
  • MoodMedia (World’s leading in-store media specialist | 41 countries | 580,000 commercial locations)
  • Radio Regentrude
  • The Lounge
  • EOS Music: background music for all types of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, offices, retail stores, and more
  • My Instore Radio
  • Radio Rama
  • Basic Life Radio
  • Nadaje
  • Kasimu, instore network Spain / Central America on 450 locations
  • Stingray
  • Barbapapa Radio
  • FM 7 the drive
  • Newpro
  • DDJ Music (Instore Music for Retail and Hospitality Market)
  • Timbre Media, 200+ stations covering Corporate, Retail, App based music, In Store
  • Canalside Radio 102.8 fm
  •,, – 1 million listeners daily
  • Sheppey FM 92.2
  • STOREVER (in-store digital media solutions in 14.000 stores of 170 brands in 60 countries)
  • Belgian Country Radio
  • Radio Ringkøbing
  • KBC radio
  • Radio NSMWebradio
  • Beverley FM
  • One FM Shepparton 98.5 FM
  • Atlantic Radio UK
  • HaPPyFan-Radio
  • K-Ty Radio Network
  • Sabor Latino Radio
  • Radio Meppel
  • Radio Vest
  • KEBF/KZSR 97.3 & 107.9 The Rock
  • ScratchRadio (NetRadio) + In The Mix (Syndicated Radio Show)
  • Studio Uno Abruzzo
  • Omroep Westerkwartier
  • Radio Prlek Ormož
  • Radio Riviera Montreux
  • Radio Studio X
  • Lokale Omroep Zeewolde 106.4 FM
  • Tynarlo Lokaal

Are you lucky enough to be able to tune in to any of those stations? In these difficult times, self isolation can be hard, but imagine listening to the radio at home and then the catchy tracks from Steps start to play? It’ll turn the mood from potentially lonely to cozy and fun! You’ll be doing your OWN track-by-track reviews before you know it, just like we did when we first heard it! World Of Difference will also bring beauty to the airwaves, of course. It’s truly a privilege to see this unfold! We’ve been in Sam’s corner for the longest time now, and it’s beautiful to see this develop as it has been, while reminiscing on the tributes we’ve made for him in the past.

He’s going further and further every year, and it’s going to be a stellar experience for Sam himself of course! It’s a beautiful thing to see an artist’s vision becoming recognised, and it’s our pleasure to be driving the campaign that takes Sam one step further towards this in the public eye.
Sam Pollard is a DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist. Sam is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).


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