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A World of Difference: An Epic Cycling Adventure with a Rocking Soundtrack
08 Feb 2023

The upcoming film “A World of Difference” has an incredible soundtrack, featuring a roster of talented Australian artists from Blue Pie Records. The soundtrack was put together by Telia Mahon, Justin Gross, and Damien Reilly, and is a true testament to the creative talent of the Australian music scene. The film follows Sam Pollard, an award-winning musician and sports enthusiast, as he cycles across Australia in 26 days, and then participates in an Ironman triathlon championship.

Sam Pollard’s journey across Australia is an epic adventure that showcases the Australian outback, its people, and the extraordinary countryside. He cycles from Sydney, New South Wales, to Busselton, Western Australia, covering vast distances and facing challenges such as harsh weather conditions and an ever-changing landscape. Along the way, we see Sam perform gigs in small towns, showcasing the unique qualities that make these places so special. The film captures Sam’s journey and the madcap adventures he and his team face, making it a must-watch for anyone who loves sports, cycling, and adventure.

The soundtrack to “A World of Difference” is set to Sam’s original independent music, as well as many heavy hitters from the Blue Pie Records catalogue, adding an extra layer of excitement to the film. The soundtrack features a solid roster of artists: Paisley Park, Soularflair, TheOUTpsiDER, Southpaw, and of course Sam Pollard himself with the the titular track that he created alongside the film. It’s an all-Australian extravaganza, and we can’t stop listening to it.

Sam’s music is a perfect fit for the film, capturing the spirit of adventure and pushing boundaries. The film is a celebration of cycling and the human spirit, inspiring viewers to dream big and take on their own adventures. A World of Difference is a documentary feature distributed by Planet Blue Pictures USA for global audiences, making it accessible to audiences all over the world.

The soundtrack to “A World of Difference” is an amazing work of art, showcasing the talents of some of Australia’s best musicians. The film is a testament to Sam Pollard’s spirit and determination. It is sure to inspire viewers to take on their own challenges and make a difference in the world.

Our partner company Planet Blue Pictures‘ vision is to inspire people of all ages to become healthier and fitter through the power of exercise, namely cycling. The film creators seek to create awareness of the benefits of cycling and educate people on maintaining a low-carbon footprint. For all the health-conscious travellers out there, this documentary aims to portray a new lifestyle and travel experience through cycling.

Cycling has become a global phenomenon with countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, China, Bangladesh and Japan making it a primary mode of transport. With Australia following in these footsteps, A World Of Difference truly embraces the nature of the sport and encourages its viewers to give it a go, and help care for our most important natural resource… this Blue Planet.


This is a heartwarming journey, and one that you’re sure not gonna wanna miss! Be sure to check out the full details at

And to find out more on the man behind the adventure, Sam Pollard’s online profiles are your one-stop shop! Sam Pollard is a Blue Pie Records USA artist. Sam is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).


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