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Atop the Steps is a Sam Pollard radio campaign that'll make a World Of Difference!
28 Feb 2020

We’ve frequently gushed about both Steps and World Of Difference by Sam Pollard recently, and who can blame us? They’re both excellent works by a truly passionate musical individual. We’ll let them speak for themselves for anyone not caught up to speed.

Now that you’re all up to scratch, let’s move onto some big and exciting news. Like we said before, World Of Difference is getting a radio campaign of its own. Now we can happily report that the ingenious “Steps” is getting the same treatment, which they both deserve!

That means you can look forward to hearing it on radios worldwide! Can you imagine just doing your shopping or working out at the gym and then those catchy tracks come on? You’ll be doing your OWN track-by-track reviews before you know it, just like we did when we first heard it! World Of Difference will also bring beauty to the airwaves, of course. These twin stingers will drive a musical pincer operation unlike anything we’ve seen before, and we can’t wait to be there as it unfolds! We’ve been in Sam’s corner for the longest time now, and it’s beautiful to see this develop as it has been, while reminiscing on the tributes we’ve made for him in the past.

He’s going further and further every year, and it’s going to be a stellar experience for Sam himself of course! It’s a beautiful thing to see an artist’s vision becoming recognised, and it’s our pleasure to be driving the campaign that takes Sam one step further towards this in the public eye.
Sam Pollard is a DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist. Sam is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).


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