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30 Nov 2022

Excuse the title, I had a bone stuck in my throat. We got some playlists that are sure to entertain you if you liked the title for what it was, though. Introducing the Barking catalogue! The Barking Classics tracks have been a mainstay since their debut in the mid 2000s, and the Woofers and Tweeters Ensemble were always keen to show us that the vocal chords of any species could be put to good use for a merry melody. From ringtones to Christmas playlists, we’re proud to present the Barking Christmas playlist! This is sure to make the holiday season for 2022 an especially memorable one for all you dog lovers.

That playlist has all the Christmas themed tracks from the Ensemble, all bundled together in a neat, snug collection like a puppy wrapped up in its favourite soft blanket. And if you’re after more of this sound but less of a seasonal focus, we have a non Christmas playlist collection here too.

You probably recognise a lot of these songs too! These covers of musical mainstays will have you howling with laughter (or pain, you do you) and are sure to make for some fun audio material for short vids like TikToks… not to give you any ideas. 😉

We hope you enjoy whacking these playlists on shuffle or using them to make some silly animal memes! And if you’re after some other playlists with non-barking music, especially for the silly season, check our other playlists by clicking here! Until then, keep on howling those carols loud and the big red man himself may just throw you an extra treat…

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