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Barry Crocker and Katy wish you all a Merry Christmas and a better 2021!
17 Dec 2020

The legendary Australian entertainer behind such classics as his “One Eyed Trouser Snake”…

…the amazing track from back in the Skippy days – “Sing Along With Us (Tra La La La)”…

…plus throwbacks with everyone’s favourite kangaroo…

As well as the one and only Moonbeams…

…is here to wish you, yes YOU, a Merry Christmas!

1 Christmas card for 2020 Merry Christmas card 2020

These tasteful Christmas cards were sent into us by Bazza and Katy themselves! They want them to be distributed to all our readers, so here’s us fulfilling their Christmas wish!

You probably didn’t need any introduction to Barry Crocker if you grew up with him. After all, he has good cause to be nostalgia-fuel in the hearts of Australians. He’s an entertainment legend as stated before, who had the influence to kickstart the Fosters brand, simply by drinking it in the Barry McKenzie movie! But he’s more than a brand, or a singer, or a famous face. He’s a kind, caring man, and the size of Katy’s heart matches his own. Their wishes for a better year are sincere for you, and with any luck, they’ll come true!

So from Blue Pie and Barry Crocker and Katy Manning, we wish you all a Merry Christmas – here’s hoping that Skippy will skip along with some presents and that you don’t get abducted by the Daleks!

Let’s end this year by listening to some Bazza throwbacks… see you in 2021!

Barry Crocker is a Blue Pie Records USA artist. Barry is published by Blue Pie Records (APRA) and Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

Check out Barry’s website here!

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