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Blue Pie welcomes Axel Albert-Reynard to the team!
09 Sep 2022

Axel comes from the prestigious French school CESI, where he is studying engineering with a focus on transportation design. A requirement of the school is to work overseas for 2 months. Now, Axel joins the Blue Pie team here in Australia, where his love for extreme sports sees him working on the Gravity Stars channel.

Since he was very young, Axel was into aerodynamics and technology. He has worked as a mechanic specialising in low pressure turbines. But it was music that captured his imagination, and he found the time to record two music projects… hence his interest in joining the Blue Pie team.

Axel went on to create his own business, to restore old cars to race-worthy condition. But like many projects, COVID shelved this business venture, and Axel continued to pursue his engineer training.

At 24, he decided to get his AFF, the first step to be a sky diver – a passion he shares with his brother. His first jump was at the French island of Corsica using his own gear as a solo jump. To date he’s completed 250 jumps, and has 6 base jumps under his belt. He’s now part of a base-jumping team, creating super cool footage over extraordinary locations. He shares his love of adventure with his team, and loves the team building that comes from putting yourself out on a limb. Check out his footage over the Swiss Alps as we welcome Axel!


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