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A double LA whammy! The LA Dodgers and LA Lakers throw it up for LA with Down3r!
29 Oct 2020

From 1988 until yesterday is a long time to wait, but that’s just how long the LA Dodgers have waited to win a World Series MLB championship- 3-1 vs the Tampa Bay Rays! It wasn’t long ago that our sport-happy partner Gravity Stars reported another LA victory, that of the LA Lakers. It certainly seems that these are unprecedented times for Los Angeles sports, but definitely welcome times!

Los Angeles must be feeling a surge of pride right now, and we can’t really blame them, GGWP. The people of LA are throwing it up, as they should be, with two significant victories in a row like this! So bearing that in mind, we have the perfect anthem for this occasion… What’s the best way to express that pride? Of course, it’s none other than Throw It Up For L.A. from Down3r and LadyDice! Straight from DL Down3r and LadyDice, the LDDL duo!

This track summarises everything about the L.A. lifestyle and the LDDL duo do that justice brilliantly. So brilliantly that the song got a movie placement in Before The Dawn! “Throw it up” produces a smooth sound complemented with an intense lyrical rhythm, and it undoubtedly highlights the passion the two artists have for California.

The difference in rapping styles and tone of the two artists successfully supplement each other, creating layers to the song. You can hear it increasing its intensity and catchy vibe, like the heat of a well-played sport match! This song is another club anthem and a devotion to the streets of Los Angeles. It is a sheer representation of the best of Californian rap and is produced with raw emotion and admiration that can be heard through both artists.

What If by DL Down3r and LadyDice recently saw a resurgence in popularity, due to the social issues the world is currently facing. Perhaps Throw It Up For L.A. will see a similar boost? It doesn’t have a social message backing it up, but it oozes with L.A. pride! So only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure, we’re going to be blasting it loud and looking forward to the next basketball throwdown, and baseball swing, alongside our friends over at Gravity Stars!

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