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Brace yourselves. We tried to stop him, but Cadillac Bill is returning for SEASON 6 anyway!
07 Jan 2021

So it would appear that Cadillac Bill has been up to more than just out-there Tik Toks promoting his previous work on Amazon Prime.

@bluepierecords This can only end well. ##cursed ##fyp ##comedy ##cadillacbill ##thecadillacbillshow ##newyearnewme ##2021 ##meme ##bath ♬ original sound – PlanetBluePictures

“I’ve started the new year by watching Cadillac Bill, because 2020 was so awful we might as well see how bad we can get” is exactly the sort of marketing slogan you’d expect from the bizarre Canadian trip into madness known as the Cadillac Bill Show. This is the first Tik Tok we’ve seen from him, and we’re glad to host it on the official Blue Pie Tik Tok account, but it isn’t the first advertisement we’ve seen from him by a long shot! Indeed, we’ve seen several… and perhaps we should take a look back at them now. Why you ask? Well, you read the title, didn’t you? CADILLAC BILL IS BACK FOR SEASON 6!

If there is a god, may he help us all.

As you can see, this Tik Tok fits right in with those promos, as well as the many more that we have yet in store. Our good “friend” Allan the alien already went through quite a few of them in the past, and we’ll be sharing plenty more on our social media in recognition of this new season! We’re a healthy mix of excited and terrified, and you will be too, if you know what’s good for you. And if you happen to see (OR create…) any more Cadillac Bill themed Tik Toks that’d fit the bill (get it?) in recognition of season 6, then be sure to read up here to figure out how to send it to us – assuming you can read, and that all this has been legible so far. Failing that, we’ll send someone over shortly to shout the contents of this article at you boisterously and slowly, to make sure you don’t miss anything. Do not resist.

Don’t forget to check the mandatory Cadillac Bill Spotify playlist on your way out folks! Physicians say that it’s the number one way to avoid being disintegrated by an alien security detail! Thanks, don’t forget to spread these promos to those who like to see humans in misery, and good night!

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