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Ciaran Gribbin of INXS is using Gabe Rizza's Livestreemer.TV!
27 Oct 2021
Gabe Rizza is a name you may have heard before in previous stories of ours, most notably the many many remixes he’s done for Key Loch and other artists! We’ve gone over who Gabe is in detail in the story that introduced him. But sometimes, an artist’s music is the most efficient introduction you could ask for.

Gabe is currently the Studio and Production Manager at Blue Pie Records, DJ Central Records, and Ordior. Gabe has a rich history in the industry, and has been a singer-songwriter producer and mastering engineer for over 30 years. In 2005, Gabe co-founded IICONIC CREATIVE, a creative production company dedicated to producing music, events, film, and design, from which he continues to run to this day. In 2020, he also helped to create and establish the new live music and broadcast venue known as Livestreemer Tv. This network is a dedicated live music broadcast venue, with state-of-the-art sound, vision, and lighting. Livestreemer Tv have had the pleasure of broadcasting over 120 live music events to the world, featuring some incredible artists like Sony artist Timomatic, and many other high profile Australian and international artists! There’s just too many to mention…

But today, we have a very special recent addition to mention. From the writers at Illawarra Mercury comes this very pertinent article, written by Greg Ellis: “INXS’s last concert frontman performs to global audiences from Unanderra”.

Yes, that very article was the source of the thumbnail for our own story, with excellent photography by Sylvia Liber. When we saw it, we were extremely excited, because we knew it could only mean one thing: a stream from Unanderra, Woolongong no less? Well, they’d have to go through Livestreemer! Props to Gabe and his team for snagging this one! 15 years with the platform well spent.

Livestreemer Tv has garnered a reputation as being a world-class live production space, being featured on the ABC for its support of artists, production crews, and high quality live web streaming services. Gabe and his team are very proud of the talented staff that have contributed to the network’s success, and look forward to the future! And indeed, the future is looking bright so far. To get a celebrity like this right out of The Gong is definitely cause for celebration. What it means for us in the audience is the following: a performance and local talent quest are rolling out around January 2022, living it up in summer. With the pandemic still raging across our poor country, it’s good to know that there’s still creative minds working away in their laboratories on projects like this that can adapt to new conditions!

As Ciaran Gribbin’s quote from the aforementioned article says:

“I and all the musicians I know are creative types. But you have to try and earn a living from it which is why during the pandemic I have transformed into this virtual world. Thankfully I have found a great local partner in IICONIC and RAM Productions. I have been doing this a long time and I never thought I would get paid to stand in a Unanderra recording studio performing to an audience in America.”

There’s plenty more praise for IICONIC and Livestreemer in that article, so go give it a squiz if you’re just as excited about this successful team-up as we are! Congrats to Gabe and his mates!

When not working with IICONIC and Livestreemer, Gabe acts as the associate producer/engineer and studio manager of both Blue Pie Records USA and DJ Central, and also assists Ordior with his talents. Gabe says it’s a pleasure to be writing, producing, remixing and engineering new musical works, and that he looks forward to collaborating with all the new and undiscovered future talent waiting in the wings. Hopefully… he’s talking about the budding artist reading this article right now! Ciaran Gribbin reckons that Gabe’s platform is right up the alley of youthful artists looking to break into the industry…

Check out Gabe’s new website as well as his Discogs under Gabriel Rizza for some of his previous works! And check out his company bios and other links below – we’re eagerly looking forward to the next thing he’ll turn his skilled hands to! If it’s anywhere as big as today’s news, our jaws will hit the floor!


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