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Dave Evans breaking hearts! The Rock Master has a new Facebook and is hitting up Mexico on the 19th!
16 Nov 2022

Prepare to witness some Ultimate Guitar – the original AC/DC Vocalist Dave Evans has released his cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, and it lives up to the decades of hype that have preceded it! A lot of people’s first encounter with AC/DC was seeing them cover Elvis’ classic hit at their Opera House show, which we covered a couple of days ago in a nostalgic deep dive. Plenty of fans clamoured for AC/DC to release a single that covered the song so they could relive the awesome performance and play it whenever they wanted, but the band never did. Now, for AC/DC’s 50th anniversary, Dave Evans is finally delivering on the desires of many veteran akka dakka fans, by simultaneously capturing the suave style of Elvis AND rendering this track as close as possible to how AC/DC would have done it back in the day. This is a treasure that is sure to scratch an itch that’s been going on for decades for many fans the world over!

This has come just in time for AC/DC superfans too, considering that Dave has decided to release this as a celebration of the band’s upcoming 50th anniversary. Dave’s time with the band between 1973 and 1974 produced this as a crown jewel of sorts, so it was criminal that we never got an official release, especially as it was one of the tracks that Dave was famous for singing with AC/DC live regularly. Indeed, AC/DC had Heartbreak Hotel on their usual setlist, so it’s shocking it never saw a release until now… And Dave knew it would have to be special to be worthy of the decades long wait and the 50th anniversary. So of course, he teamed up with Danish producer Flemming Rasmussen – THAT Flemming, from Metallica’s “Ride The Lightning”, “…And Justice For All”, and everything in between!

With events of this magnitude, no AC/DC fan should have to experience the pain of missing out on knowing about Heartbreak Hotel. Well, for that, Dave has the perfect solution: a brand new official Facebook page! No longer just a personal account (although he’ll still be using that, of course!) Dave Evans ROCKS is your one stop shop for everything Dave related from now on.

Check it out here: and see the Rock Master show off his FISTS OF ROCK!

Not only that, but Dave is far from done with his stage presence offline too. Heartbreak Hotel was just a warm up! To all of you fans out in Quadratin, Mexico: Dave arrived on 8th Nov, 2022! The Icons of Classic Rock tours arrived in Querétaro at that time, due to the readjustment of dates for the International Tour. In order to enjoy a weekend of the very best in Rock, the great Icons of Classic Rock show will be presented on Saturday, November 19 at the Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Auditorium. Read more at this article here! Exciting stuff. Click here to read.

Indeed, Dave has been raking in the love from Latin America lately, as discussed here in this Blabbermouth coverage. The ultimate heartbreaker, Dave looks great in this footage where he sings ‘Highway To Hell’ with an Argentine Choir! Click here to check it out.
Speaking of choirs, check out this coverage from Clarin Newspaper, Argentina – “The Kennedy Choir turns 40 and celebrates it with the first AC/DC singer! The Kennedy Choir will celebrate on Tuesday, November 15, in the Golden Hall of the Buenos Aires Legislature Palace, its 40 years of artistic and solidarity career with a concert in which Guillermo Guido, Manuela Bravo, Nancy Anka and Dave Evans, lead singer of the heavy metal band AC/DC, will perform as soloists.” Dave is turning heads in every musical faction out there! Click here to read it!

And after that, the sky is the limit! Rock Land Mexico, 3rd December, 2022 – It will be so wonderful for all to experience this astonishing charity event with Dave! There are 777 musicians together so far and counting! Many more surprises! We hope to see you there soon! 🤘🏻 Click here to read all about it!

If you’re wondering if the future will live up to hype, just look at this nostalgic throwback that Dave recently posted about. The man knows how to put on a great show.

But, as hype as these future endeavours are set to be, how will they compare to our personal favourite work of Dave’s, that being Sinner? We’ll just have to eagerly wait and see… Maybe the Sinner shirt in our wardrobe will have even more company soon! We got high hopes!

We feel quite strongly about Sinner, so we figured it was high time to make sure there was a platform or two to share our excitement about the song. So it’s about time that we got a Youtube channel that we could manage for Dave Evans! DAVE EVANS ROCKS! Check it out by clicking here or looking at the playlist below to see some of Dave’s best, including Sinner!

Not only that but we’ve started a new official Twitter account for Dave. Check it out by clicking here, and get all the latest news on Dave Evans!

We hope that if you didn’t know Dave Evans and his rockin’ legacy before, this will help you get in touch with your long wild hair and 80s attitude once again – some merch could help with that! Show off your style and make the world remember what a real rocker looks like. Or maybe you can even turn up to one of his current Latin American tours if you happen to be in that neck of the woods right now… scroll up, you’ll see the details for the where/when… Otherwise, look for Dave Evans at all great music stores across the world. For more information on Dave Evans you can visit his official links below. Dave Evans is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published for selected titles by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

Dave Evans:

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