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Dave Evans brings some Down Under Thunder to South America!
10 May 2021

Dave Evans has been showing us that his affection for the word “Badass” and the association he has with the word aren’t just for show. He’s been really busy, and “Badass” is exactly what you’re gonna get with this kinda content! Not only has he released a new single under Chrystal Records, but he’s also been firing up South America with some powerful rock from back in the golden days! They’ll never see it coming.

Dave Evans 2021 South America 1

Dave Evans 2021 South America 2

Dave Evans 2021 South America 3

Al Rock Burger, Colombia – What do the Dave Evans “Bad Ass Girls” and the Dave Evans “Burger” have in common? They are all Hot, Delicious and Rockin’ !!!!!

Posted by Dave Evans on Sunday, May 9, 2021

Tearing up Mexico and now Colombia with the Bad Ass Girls, Dave is throwing back to the Lightning and Thunder Latin American tour of 2019 with this sweet journey. He started off 2021 strong with SEVERAL new incredible releases, and he’s not letting any of that momentum go to waste! Not only is the King Of All Badasses rocking out at the best venues with his favourite juicy burgers of all time, but his new single Reach For The Sky is the perfect cherry on top of all these exciting power events.

His South American tour is far from over though, so we’ll be rocking out to Reach For The Sky as we watch what kind of mischief he gets up to! Behave, Dave!

: 😱 At #JACK we will celebrate ALL YEAR and we will kick off with the 1 ️⃣th ANNIVERSARY of JACK…

Posted by Dave Evans on Friday, May 7, 2021

Dave Evans is most known to us and many of his fans for his work on the killer album “Sinner”. He’s been versatile and has stood out as an artist both under AC/DC and as a solo performer! You can’t keep this wild boy down, his chaotic rocker energy is too infectious. As the lyrics of Sinner state: “I’m heading off the rails and I kinda like it – when you’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, take him by the hand and go swimming!” Perfect summary of this badass!

Keep it rocking Dave. The good old days never leave so long as we keep them around, and we at Blue Pie are all about keeping the legacy alive, and helping future adventures grow! Whether it be Blue Pie or Chrystal Records with your new single, your star will shine bright as an inferno.

We hope that if you didn’t know Dave Evans and his rockin’ legacy before, this will help you get in touch with your long wild hair and 80s attitude once again! Look for Dave Evans at all great music stores across the world. For more information on Dave Evans you can visit his official links below. Dave Evans is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published for selected titles by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

Dave Evans:

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