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Dave Evans preaching to the choir! Stunning the Argentine Government and getting a cultural award!
18 Nov 2022

Dave Evans is impressing Latin America right now, with some very unconventional yet absolutely awesome performances: who else in the rock world do you know who’s singing the likes of Highway To Hell with internationally renowned choirs?!

Well Dave Evans did, and he’s performing in some hallowed halls while he’s at it. Dave and the Coro Kennedy (Kennedy Choir) sang their hearts out so hard that they managed to sway the Argentine Government! Dave was awarded a certificate for his contributions to the culture of Argentina, alongside the choir. This event is a celebration of the choir’s 40th year anniversary, which is fitting, considering AC/DC is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year too!

Dave is no doubt very happy with the performances of everyone involved, based on what he’s said on social media. How does he plan to top it off? By partying the Mexican way of course! The choir event was a special and historic occasion, but there’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned rock party, and that’s just what Dave has in store next. Rock Land Mexico, 3rd December, 2022 – It will be so wonderful for all to experience this astonishing charity event with Dave! There are 777 musicians together so far and counting! Many more surprises! We hope to see you there soon! 🤘🏻 Click here to read all about it! SEE YOU THIS SATURDAY!

But, as hype as these future endeavours are set to be, and as important as the choir contribution was to global musical culture, we still have a big soft spot for our personal favourite work of Dave’s, that being Sinner, so we’re keen to recommend that as ever. Who knows – maybe Rock Land Mexico will rock us even harder. We’ll just have to eagerly wait and see… Maybe the Sinner shirt in our wardrobe will have even more company soon! We got high hopes!

We hope that if you didn’t know Dave Evans and his rockin’ legacy before, this will help you get in touch with your long wild hair and 80s attitude once again – some merch could help with that! Show off your style and make the world remember what a real rocker looks like. Or maybe you can even turn up to one of his current Latin American tours if you happen to be in that neck of the woods right now… scroll up, you’ll see the details for the where/when… Otherwise, look for Dave Evans at all great music stores across the world. For more information on Dave Evans you can visit his official links below. Dave Evans is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published for selected titles by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

Dave Evans:

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